Our winners are an extraordinary group of leaders, visionaries, and activists on a mission to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges — at a time in our history when it’s never been needed more.

The prize: $300,000 funding, expert tools, and support to take their world-changing work to the next level — and inspire others to take action.

Learn more about our winners, and join us in championing and supporting their work, and amplifying their impact.

Meet our 2023 Elevate Prize Winners!

Bianca Tylek
Worth Rises
Worth Rises is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploitation of those it impacts through extensive advocacy and systems change efforts.
Piyush Tewari
SaveLIFE Foundation
SaveLIFE Foundation is committed to improving road safety and access to
emergency medical care across India by combining evidence-based interventions and advocacy to shift policies on a national level.
Teresa Wanjiku Njoroge
Clean Start Solutions Limited
Clean Start Solutions works with women and children impacted by the criminal injustice system, to restore dignity and hope, for successful reintegration through employment training, referrals, and holistic services.
Cindy Eggleton
Brilliant Detroit
Brilliant Detroit is dedicated to providing families with children 0-8 with what they need to be school-ready, healthy, stable by repurposing vacant houses into vibrant community centers.
Crystal Echo Hawk
IllumiNative helps build power for Native peoples by amplifying contemporary Native voices, stories, and issues to advance justice, equity, and self-determination.
Namya Mahajan
Rocket Learning
Rocket Learning is one of India’s leading nonprofits focused on catalyzing early childhood education and community engagement by distributing research backed pedagogy focused on cognitive, numeracy, and literacy development.
Sana Mustafa
Asylum Access
Asylum Access supports forcibly displaced individuals and communities as they reclaim their rights, agency, and power through legal services and systems change policy work.
Rachel Silverstein, PhD
Miami Waterkeeper (MWK)
Miami Waterkeeper works towards a vision of swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water for all while combating climate change through public advocacy efforts and science.
Atif Javed
The Tarjimly mobile app allows the world’s 3 billion multilingual speakers to
remotely volunteer their language skills as translators and interpreters for the 65 million displaced people.
Nelly Cheboi
TechLit Africa
Technologically Literate Africa uses recycled computers to create technology labs in schools in rural Kenya.
Cynthia D. Fast, Ph.D.
APOPO saves lives by training animals, primarily African giant rats, to work alongside medical professionals to detect disease in patients, and to root out landmines in previously war-torn regions. Their goal is to scale globally in an effort to curb disease outbreaks.
Elijah McKinnon
Open Television (OTV)
Open Television is a platform for intersectional television, supporting artists and communities marginalized by their race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, disability or nationality: think community-based Netflix.