Fueling grassroots movements and
building power among communities.


Every month we pick a theme and call out a cause on Instagram.


YOU nominate organizations that inspire you by commenting on the post.


We award one of the nominees $25,000!



Tis the  season! And many organizations are working harder than ever to bring some love and light to their communities – providing meals or shelter, organizing coat drives, getting presents to children… taking care of each other in all kinds of ways. 

So this month, instead of awarding $25,000 to one Elevate Prize GET LOUD Award winner, we’ll be donating $5,000 to FIVE grassroots organizations doing amazing work in their communities.

Head over to our Instagram to nominate organizations that could use some unrestricted funds to make an immediate impact this holiday season. Let us know who’s inspiring you!  

Nominations open on Instagram and close on 12/7.


Fundza Literacy Trust
La Maraña
Beautiful Strength
Spill The Tea Cafe (STTC)
Transgender Education Network of Texas
We Count
Drawing Dreams Initiative
Touching Land
Native Conservancy
Yes We Can World Foundation
The Smile Trust
Generation Ratify
The LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc.
Paterson Healing Collective


How can you nominate an organization?

To nominate an organization, simply tag the organization or comment their name below the “Nominations Open” post on the @elevateprize Instagram.

Who can nominate?

ANYONE can make a nomination for the Elevate Prize GET LOUD Award unless you work for The Elevate Prize Foundation (we think that would be a little too insider-y). Nominate an organization whose work you believe in, or nominate your OWN organization!

Who can be awarded the Elevate Prize GET LOUD Award? 

This award is designed to uplift grassroots organizations who have an annual budget under 1 million dollars and are a certified 501c3 or public charity. 

How are winners chosen?

Organizations can be nominated infinite times, but that won’t impact judging. Winners will be chosen by the Elevate team regardless of number of nominations, based on their mission, budget, and impact.

How are monthly topics chosen?

Topics are chosen based on suggestions from our community, time of year, current events, or by the Elevate team.