Our winners are an extraordinary group of leaders, visionaries, and activists on a mission to solve some of the world’s most critical challenges — at a time in our history when it’s never been needed more.

The prize: $300,000 funding, expert tools, and support to take their world-changing work to the next level — and inspire others to take action.

Learn more about our winners, and join us in championing and supporting their work, and amplifying their impact.

Meet our 2021 Elevate Prize Winners!

Alexander Roque
Ali Forney Center
Creating career pathways for homeless LGBTQ and transgender youth.
Uzoma Orchingwa
Free-to-use communications tools that allow incarcerated individuals to stay connected with their loved ones.
Aparna Hegde
Unlocking mobile technology to enable healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and healthy childhoods.
Amanda Alexander
Detroit Justice Center
Transforming the justice system, and promoting equitable and fair cities.
Krista Donaldson
Equalize Health
Providing access to medical care and addressing the leading causes of maternal and newborn mortality through innovative tech.
Kaushik Kappagantulu
Pioneering change in Indian agriculture and supporting smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.
Rebecca van Bergen
Protecting the interests of artisan homeworkers and makers (90% women) around the world.
Heejae Lim
Tech that solves the communications gap between students, their families, and schools in under-resourced minority communities.
Nisha Ligon
Harnessing the power of entertainment to reduce inequalities in education across Africa.
Tony Weaver
Weird Enough Productions
Using superheroes and comic books to improve literacy and address the mental health crisis among teens and children.


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