Rebecca van Bergen

Rebecca van Bergen


Protecting the interests of artisan homeworkers and makers (90% women) around the world.



The Big Picture:
There are over 300 million artisans and homeworkers globally. Much of this informal economy is cash-based and lacks regulation, leaving workers — 90% female — open to exploitation. Nest’s grassroots programs ensure their interests are protected. The organization works with 270,000 workers in 116 countries, indirectly impacting 1.2 million individuals. A recent successful project resulted in 80% of workers opening a bank account. One hundred percent stated this income enabled their children to complete an education, and 94% were able to purchase health insurance. 

“My grandmother was from a lineage of quilters in the South and fought anti-Semitism to marry my grandfather, creating a deep family culture of social justice… Handcraft, small business, and equity are at the heart of my story” — Rebecca van Bergen, founder/executive director, Nest

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