What Does It Mean to Be an Elevate Prize Nominator or Nominee?

When we announced the inaugural Elevate Prize earlier this year, we opened up a forum for anyone to submit nominations of individuals they believe deserve hero status. These nominations would be separate from applications, but intended as a means of bringing awareness to the incredible work people are doing now and in the years to come. By offering anyone around the world the ability to nominate someone else, we hoped to catalyze a collective effort of people supporting other people, plain and simple.

If you are a nominator

You have shed light on a changemaker who otherwise may have gone unnoticed. We were encouraged by the nearly 500 nominations we received, including from several prominent names in business, science, technology, entertainment, and more. Thank you for spreading the word about your personal hero – we look forward to doing the same!

If you are a nominee

We want to say how grateful we are for the work you’re doing in this moment. Over half (54%) of you ended up applying for the prize, and we’re so happy you did! It means someone else saw something profound in you, and wanted the world to know about it, too. Don’t stop what you’re doing – even if you’re not selected this year, know that we will be around next year for you to take another shot.

While there may be confusion as what impact a nomination has on an applicant’s candidacy, we want to clarify that nominations, while reviewed and appreciated, are not weighted in the application process.

Our judging process is robust and thorough, and independent of nominations.

Nominations are, however, extremely important to us as we seek to find and highlight radically diverse leaders and solutions around the world. And because we want to be transparent about our process, we’ll soon be sharing snippets of some of our most compelling nominations publicly – putting our mission of elevating humanity and awakening the hero in all of us into action.

It’s also a critical way for us to spread word about the prize, and encourage people who don’t know about it to apply next year. So in the meantime, please follow along @ElevatePrize on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn– we can’t wait for you to learn more about this growing community.







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