Nisha Ligon

Nisha Ligon


Harnessing the power of entertainment to reduce inequalities in education across Africa.



The Big Picture:
Through TV, radio, and mobile, children in 24.6 million households in 41 countries across Africa watch, listen, and learn from Ubongo’s educational cartoon programs every week. The leading children’s entertainment producer in Africa creates fun, localized and multi-platform educational media, broadcast in 9 languages, designed to improve school readiness and learning outcomes. As Africa’s’ biggest classroom, Ubongo is in a powerful position to promote social and behavioral change for kids, caregivers and educators — and make a lasting impact. 

Ubongo’s edutainment is helping millions of kids to learn and love learning, and the scale of the impact is really important. But what inspires me the most is seeing kids pretending to be our characters when they play or hearing them say how our characters gave them confidence or inspired them to do more.— Nisha Ligon, Ubongo

Meet the Ubongo kids, and learn more about the measurable impact they’re making.