Meet the 2024
Elevate Prize Finalists

the 2024 Elevate Prize Finalists

Gregg Treinish
Adventure Scientists
Adventure Scientists expedite conservation and climate solutions by engaging and training outdoor enthusiasts and local communities to gather essential field data, otherwise challenging in scale or cost, to accelerate our mission.
Liliana Madrigal
Amazon Conservation Team
The Amazon Conservation Team collaborates with indigenous and local communities to safeguard tropical forests, preserve traditional culture, and envision a future of mutual thriving for both forests and the communities that defend them.
Zarlasht Halaimzai
Amna aids individuals, organizations, and refugee communities in establishing secure spaces for rejuvenating group activities, and rekindles a sense of joy and belonging among forcibly displaced persons.
Pooja Taparia
Arpan empowers individuals, families, communities and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of child sexual abuse and heal its psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences.
Brian Walusimbi
Bless A Child Foundation
Bless A Child Foundation provides care support services to children from the ages of 0–15 years suffering from cancer and related infections by combating barriers to pediatric care and other medical services.
Elizabeth Hausler
Build Change
Build Change saves lives in earthquakes and windstorms by working with people in emerging nations to build homes and schools that will protect their families and children.
Tatu Gatere
BuildHer equips women in Kenya with accredited construction and manufacturing skills, unlocking greater financial prosperity, reversing patriarchal attitudes and promoting gender equality within the construction industry.
Satyendra Kumar
Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI)
Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI) is a people-centred organization committed to social equity and inclusion in the body politic by enhancing the enjoyment of social, economic, and cultural rights for socially excluded communities.
Gayatri Datar
EarthEnable prioritizes creating healthy and environmentally-friendly homes for rural Africa by using natural materials and green building techniques for those in need of rebuilding.
Wawira Njiru
Food for Education
Food for Education Foundation provides subsidized nutritious meals to primary school children to improve nutrition, end classroom hunger, improve school attendance and performance.
Marie Zemler Wu
Foster America
Foster America opens new possibilities for children and families by activating changemakers to challenge injustice and champion innovation in child welfare policies and programs.
Sonya Passi
FreeFrom is building an ecosystem of support to ensure that survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence have the resources to get safe, heal, and prevent future harm.
Lublanc Prieto
Fundación Refugiados Unidos
Fundación Refugiados Unidos is a group of Venezuelan women who are promoting the human rights of dispossessed citizens of the world by aiding them in accessing humanitarian services and legal support.
Michael Kelly
GIY is a social enterprise helping people grow food and learn about food sustainability.
Sara Guillermo
IGNITE is building the largest, most diverse movement of young women who are ready and eager to own their political power through advocacy trainings, fellowships, voter education initiatives, and equipping researchers with actionable data on youth political trends.
Mpindi Abaas
Media Challenge Initiative
Media Challenge Initiative is a youth-driven organization building the next generation of journalists in Africa through training, mentorship and experiential peer-to-peer learning models.
Melissa Malzkuhn
Motion Light Lab
Motion Light Lab is an award-winning creative lab focusing on creating an equitable world through immersive content, literacy-based activities, and other initiatives that advances deaf representation and competency across different sectors of society.
Daniel Forkkio
Represent Justice
Represent Justice is about using the power of media to engage audiences in reimagining the justice system, and creating real demand for anti-carceral change and solutions.
Isabelle Kamariza
Solid’Africa aims to preserve dignity, accelerate the recovery process, and promote health equity for vulnerable patients in public hospitals by supplying them with nutritious, healthy meals.
Sam Bencheghib
Sungai Watch
Sungai Watch protects and helps restore Indonesia’s rivers by developing and designing simple technologies to stop the flow of plastic pollution from going into the ocean.
Kari Jo Lawrence
The Intertribal Agriculture Council
The Intertribal Agriculture Council runs diverse programs to enhance Indian Agriculture by promoting indigenous resource utilization and partnering with federal agencies to optimize tribal member resources.
Shari Davis
The Participatory Budgeting Project
The Participatory Budgeting Project enables collective decisions on public spending by facilitating community connections, building tools to enhance democracy, and promote budget fairness.
Hope Azeda
Ubumuntu Arts Festival
Ubumuntu Arts Festival uses art as a vehicle to help societies around the world deal with their own traumas and to connect with the global community.
Chernor Bah
We Are Purposeful
We Are Purposeful is a feminist hub for girls activism, rooted in Africa and working globally to disrupt patriarchal spaces by centering the political power of young feminists across the world.