Rachel Silverstein, PhD

Rachel Silverstein, PhD

Miami Waterkeeper (MWK)

Miami Waterkeeper works towards a vision of swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water for all while combating climate change through public advocacy efforts and science



  • ISSUE AREA: Climate Change & Water Quality
  • GEOGRAPHY: United States (Miami, FL)


  • Directly engages thousands of community members annually, from training citizens on pollution detection and reporting, to informing the public about local water quality, to engaging volunteers in habitat restorations and cleanups
  • In the next 3-5 years, the organization is focused on increasing staff for research, outreach efforts, and development to strengthen local and burgeoning national influence
  • One of the few environmental organizations in Miami using the law to protect water, wildlife, and health (having successfully stopped a sewage leak within a matter of days that has been ignored for over a year)
  • Currently, 50% of their revenue comes from government partnerships (testing, detection, and lobbying efforts). They want to expand these streams to include more municipalities across the state in hopes of monitoring and diagnosing water quality issues in deeply rural areas along Central Florida
  • Plans to launch a podcast where staff and experts will talk about their work, passions, and motivation behind their fight for clean water – Elevate could help speed up the release of this podcast