Yuriko Oda

Yuriko Oda

General Incorporated Association WheeLog

Creating — and mapping — an accessible society for wheelchair users.



The Big Picture:
When Yuriko Oda was diagnosed with distal myopathy and became a wheelchair user at the age of 26, she found that every trip outside her home required research, planning, and courage.  WheeLog was created to share this hard-won information with others, and aims to be the world’s largest user-generated platform for accessibility information and advocacy. Today, the interactive map has over 30,000 users, and one of the organization’s initiatives, lobbying for the introduction of a pre-paid transport cards for people with disabilities in Japan, has impacted 9.37 million people.

“The experience of bringing my son to the beach, which I had assumed I couldn’t, made me realize that the information on accessibility might change the way of living for wheelchair users.” Yuriko Oda, founder, WheeLog

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