Ndinini Kimesera Sikar

Ndinini Kimesera Sikar

Maasai Women Development Organization (MWEDO)

Improving access to education for marginalized Maasai girls.



The Big Picture:
Ndinini Kimesera Sikar’s passion for education runs deep: at the age of 15, when she was forced to marry a 60-year-old man, she ran away from home and eventually enrolled in school opening up opportunities for her future and her freedom. She created Maasai Women Development Organization (MWEDO) to tackle the systematic and cultural issues that are barriers to girls’ education. (UNESCO estimates that 80% of Maasai women and girls are illiterate). Today, MWEDO implements programs in secondary school education, community health and economic empowerment, impacting the lives of over 300,000 people in Tanzania.

My vision is to see Maasai women and girls who are socially and economically independent and free from poverty.” — Ndinini Kimesera Sikar, founder and executive director, Maasai Women Development Organization (MWEDO)

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