When we launched the Elevate Prize Foundation just under a year ago, we had no idea what the world had in store for us and how the events of the past months would inform and impact our inaugural year. As we worked to build this new foundation, we leaned into our values of radical diversity, human safety, global collaboration, creativity and resilience, and entrepreneurial philanthropy to guide us. We cast the widest net possible across the world to identify, amplify, and shine a light on heroes creating change, with the goal of inspiring others to step up and take action.

To our great astonishment and delight, we received nearly 1,300 applicants from almost 120 countries. As we read through many of the applications, it was humbling and inspiring to learn about the work these leaders and their organizations are doing to drive progress on so many important issues.

Today, we share our 81 semi-finalists, who you can find HERE. This group represents the top 6% of applicants, each of them heroically confronting and solving some of the world’s toughest problems. Though we are a competition, and only 10 winners will ultimately win the Elevate Prize this year, each and every one of these semi-finalists deserves recognition and support. In the spirit of collective action, we share their names and work and hope that by doing so, we help move the needle even just the slightest bit.

To our impressive group of semi-finalists: thank you for all that you do and the change you’re already creating! Know that in your work, you are helping to ignite a chain-reaction of goodness that will impact generations to come.

At the Elevate Prize, we champion the people and organizations who are making a difference in the world. Follow along as we shine a spotlight on a new generation of activists, problem solvers and leaders, who in turn will help awaken the hero in all of us.

There is work to do and together we will do it. Join us.

Warmest wishes,

Carolina García Jayaram
Founding Executive Director
The Elevate Prize Foundation