Meet our 2024 Elevate Prize winners!

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Meet our 2024 Elevate Prize winners! 10 incredible people and organizations from across the globe who are — quite literally!— changing the world.

From driving representation, to reimagining justice, protecting the environment, championing mental health, improving nutrition, caring for pets and the people who love them, and inspiring the changemakers of the future, they’re making a lasting impact on people’s lives – and that’s just the beginning. 

Zarlasht Halaimzai, Amna 
Zarlasht Halaimzai is the founder of Amna, an organization that champions refugees’ mental health – and rekindles joy. In seven years, Amna has reached an estimated 4 million people across Europe and South Asia. What’s one thing Zarlasht can’t stop thinking about right now? “How do we stop scaring ourselves and each other?”

Gayatri Datar, EarthEnable
Gayatri Datar co-founded EarthEnable, an organization that develops environmentally friendly building materials, with one goal in mind: to enable every African family to live in health, beauty, safety, and dignity. Though her work is hands-on, she makes time to think big: “The real answer to climate change is treating everything we co-exist with on the planet with as much care and empathy as we treat other humans.”

Wawira Nijru, Food For Education 
Wawira Nijru is the Executive Director of Food for Education, an organization that improves nutrition by providing subsidized nutritious meals to primary school children in Kenya. “No child should be asked to learn on an empty stomach, yet nearly 90% of Africa’s children do not benefit from a minimum acceptable diet,” she told us. “We are creating the blueprint for scalable, cost-efficient school feeding in Africa.”

Sonya Passi, FreeFrom
“Trust survivors. There are no shortcuts,” says Sonya Passi, the Founder & CEO of FreeFrom, an organization dedicated to creating a community where survivors of intimate partner violence are able to build the wealth and financial security necessary to support their individual, intergenerational, and community healing—enabling them to thrive. 

Mpindi Abaas, Media Challenge Initiative 
“Our vision is clear: Make Good News Famous,” says Mpindi Abaas, co-founder & CEO,  Media Challenge Initiative. The organization, which focuses on inspiring the next generation of journalists in Africa, fulfills their mission to drive positive change “through working with young journalists and storytellers who believe that good and solutions-oriented journalism can make the world a better place.”

Melissa Malzkuhn, Motion Light Lab
Melissa Malzkuhn, the director of Motion Light Lab, is inspired by the potential of Deaf children, who are “tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, innovators and friends.” Her goal? “To dismantle the ableist attitudes and make way for a limitless, open, interesting world where every human being belongs.”

Dr. Kwan Stewart, Project Street Vet
Dr. Kwan Stewart’s organization, Project Street Vet, is dedicated to treating pets whose families are experiencing or at risk of homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles. What does he want to make famous? ”Kindness and the power of giving back. It not only serves the person (or pet) you’re serving—but it’s spiritual food for you as well.” 

Daniel Forkkio, Represent Justice
Daniel Forkkio, CEO of Represent Justice, is using the power of the media to reimagine and transform the justice system, and turning stories into action. “As we enter an election year, over 4.5 million individuals living with a felony conviction still can’t vote despite living as productive, tax-paying members of society across the country. Their lack of political power is deeply tied to their lack of narrative power – it’s time for a change.”

Isabelle Kamariza, Solid’Africa
“Nutrition should be acknowledged as a fundamental right in healthcare,” says Isabelle Kamariza, President & Founder of Solid’Africa, an organization that provides aid to vulnerable patients in public hospitals in Rwanda. 

Sam Bencheghib, Sungai Watch
“We can stop plastic pollution from going into the ocean. It all starts in our rivers and everyone has a part to play in keeping them clean and plastic free.” That’s the mission of Sungai Watch and its co-founder Sam Bencheghib. His hope for 2024? That “eco-friendly consumer choices become the norm.” 

Awarded annually, the Prize recognizes ten best-in-class social impact leaders driving change around the world. It’s designed to maximize their impact, champion their organizations, and to Make Good Famous – to shift the culture and help create a world where more people are inspired to take action. Let’s hear it for these incredible changemakers!