Marina Adese
Director of Marketing & Communications

Marina Adese, the Director of Marketing & Communications at the Elevate Prize Foundation, brings over a decade of experience dedicated to impact, working across the nonprofit and agency sectors— and always at the intersection of social impact and creativity. 

For almost 10 years, Marina built the campaigns, social media, content and creative strategy teams from the ground up at the International Rescue Committee, where she also won multiple awards, including a Webby, developed a number of high-profile partnerships and traveled with celebrity ambassadors to Jordan, Cote d’Ivoire, Greece, Germany, and more. After that, she spent a year at a social impact agency working for incredible brands such as Spotify, Archewell, DVF and more. 

Marina’s purpose in her professional career couldn’t be more aligned to Elevate’s mission, as her central belief system is that meeting the public where they are—through pop culture—is where real, meaningful change can happen. 

A proud Brazilian born and raised, Marina loves to dance, to be in the Sun, and especially being surrounded by friends and family. She loves living in Miami with her husband, Adam, and their two sons, Lucas and Leo.