After spending five years in prison on drug charges, Tyrique Glasgow returned to his South Philadelphia neighborhood – long challenged by poverty and gun violence – became a force for good. Now, he provides safety and opportunity for his entire community.

A paramedic and nurse from Alaska, Teresa Gray leads teams of volunteer medics into natural and humanitarian disasters, delivering vital care and support to those in need.

Haunted by his experiences in Iraq, Marine veteran Richard Casper discovered the therapeutic power of creating art and music. Now, his immersive visual art and songwriting programs help fellow combat veterans heal by sharing their stories.

Nora El-Khouri Spencer trains women in North Carolina for well-paying careers in construction while also providing free modifications that enable seniors to age safely in their homes.

Meymuna Hussein-Cattan provides critical resources and support that helps refugees and immigrants successfully transition to life in the US, while her restaurant shares their culture with the greater Los Angeles area.

Debra Vines struggled to find support and resources when her son Jason was diagnosed with autism. Now, she provides African American families in underserved Chicago-area communities with the services, community and education they need to thrive.

When aging dog owners struggle to care for their pets, Carie Broecker steps in, providing volunteer services that allow them to stay together or finding these beloved family members new forever homes.

Bobby Wilson is feeding and healing his urban community by teaching thousands of people how to plant, grow, and prepare their own healthy food. He used his retirement savings to purchase an urban farm and worked with University of Georgia for 20 years bringing gardening education & programs to Metro Atlanta.

Aidan Reilly brought together a nationwide network of young volunteers to tackle food waste and insecurity – rescuing tons of excess produce from farms and distributing it to people in need across the US.

For more than a decade, Zannah Mustapha has devoted his life to providing hope and peace for children in northern Nigeria caught in the epicenter of the Boko Haram insurgency. He and his staff educate more than 2,000 students from both sides of the conflict at the Future Prowess Islamic Foundation School.

Raines and her organization, Beauty 2 the Streetz, have been a mainstay on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, providing food, clothing, hair and makeup services – and most recently health and hygiene items – to thousands of people.

Michele Neff Hernandez created Soaring Spirits in 2008, three years after her husband’s death. Her nonprofit connects widows and widowers, allowing them to heal in a community that understands the pain of losing a partner. It has grown to include 70 regional chapters all over the US, as well as pen pals and programs specifically for the LGBTQ community.