4:25PM – 5:05PM

Changing the Narrative: Media’s Role in Inspiring Equity


In a world struggling with significant challenges – from widening economic inequality to social injustice – narratives matter. The stories and content that people consume can change the course of humankind — shaping systems and structures that can either perpetuate division or inspire solidarity and  drive healthy civic engagement. 

What role do narratives and messaging in the media play in shaping outcomes? What responsibility do media companies and content creators have in sharing information that supports human progress? 

This session explores media driving impact, the danger of misinformation, and the frameworks necessary to address global challenges and create vibrant, equitable societies.


Shaniqua McClendon, Vice President, Crooked Media

Alicia Dennis, Editorial Director, PEOPLE at DotDash Meredith

Chiemi Karasawa, Director/ Producer, Isotope Films

Elijah McKinnon, Co-Founder & Executive Director, OTV

Nicole Starr, SVP Content Representation & Impact, Participant