3:25AM – 4:05PM

Unexpected Pairings for Transformative Change


Open and transparent dialogue between people of different backgrounds, perspectives, politics, and philosophies is the only way that effective and diverse coalitions can emerge to change the world. By enabling bold and unconventional partnerships across business, government, media, nonprofits, and activist communities, new ideas and initiatives can inspire, amplify, and scale impact.
What lessons can be learned from successful collaborations between social activists and the private sector? How can philanthropic leaders better bridge the divide between grassroots organizations and corporate interests? How can successful new partnerships emerge between seemingly disparate institutions?
In this conversation about the power of unexpected pairings, we will explore how to inspire authentic strategies and tactical and strategic responses to generate transformative change.



Suzanne Kianpour, Foreign Affairs & Political Journalist, BBC

Brisa De Angulo, MA, Esq., CEO & Founder, A Breeze of Hope Foundation

Mona Sinha, Global Executive Director, Equality Now

Raul Moas, Senior Director, Knight Foundation

Hector Mujica, Head of Economic Opportunity, Google.org

Martin Segal, Board Chair, Segal Family Foundation