Shalane Yuen
Trevor Noah Foundation

Shalane Yuen is a mother, lifelong learner, and Hawaiian native. She is the Founding Executive Director of the Trevor Noah Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors. 

Our vision is a world where education enables youth to dream, see and build the impossible. Founded in 2018, TNF actively seeks opportunities to invest in education, school leaders, community-driven innovation, and systems change. 

"My foundation alone cannot hold itself responsible for transforming an entire system, but we can contribute to changing the entire system," says Trevor Noah. "We’re trying to support every community to create an environment where everyone - governments, the private sector, philanthropists, community leaders and members - is putting resources into refurbishing a school, running the school, training teachers, etc. We want to harness that communal contribution to create systems change."

Shalane has over 10+ years of global consulting, research, and systems change experience. She is deeply committed to enabling fair and just access to economic opportunities and is passionate about driving innovative cross-sector partnerships to catalyze change. Shalane holds a Master of Public Administration in international non-profit management and public policy from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology from the University of California. Originally from Hawaii, South Africa has been her home for the last ten years, which she now shares with her husband and daughter.