Kenneth Anand

Kenneth Anand is a creative advisor, entrepreneur, award-winning author, and law school professor. Kenneth regularly advises designers, musicians, founders and other talented individuals on how to protect and grow their businesses. 

In 2021, Kenneth and his business partner Jared Goldstein independently published Sneaker Law - All You Need to Know About the Sneaker Business, a disruptive, educational book about entrepreneurship that is now widely referred to as the “sneaker industry bible.” Through his work with Sneaker Law, Kenneth has been featured and quoted as an expert in dozens of major media outlets and industry publications. He has also taught and lectured on Sneaker Law at over 30 academic institutions. Since its release, Sneaker Law V1 has sold thousands of copies and is now required reading in law, business, and design schools across the country, including Harvard Law School, University of Miami School of Law, University of Texas at Austin, Parsons New School of Design, and more. Sneaker Law has its own national competition and conference, hosted every year at University of Miami (in partnership with the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law program), its own training module as part of Complex’s Sneaker Essentials program with New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and is also being taught to hundreds of at-risk youth in the Chicago inner-city as a way to develop entrepreneurial skills and stay off the streets. Kenneth is now working on Sneaker Law V2 while he concentrates on other exciting opportunities in the world of sneakers.

From 2017-2019, Kenneth was the General Counsel & Head of Business Development at YEEZY Apparel, Kanye West’s sneaker and fashion house. Prior to YEEZY, Kenneth practiced law in NYC for over 15 years, advising companies, executives, and entrepreneurs in employment, intellectual property, and entertainment matters. Kenneth has over 20 years of experience assisting creatives and creative businesses at every level, and has made it his life mission to educate and empower creatives who are often marginalized and exploited.