11:20AM – 12:05AM

Change from Within: What High Impact Leadership Means for Culture


A new generation of leaders are taking over companies, foundations, and boardrooms and building the organizations of the future. Many are mission-driven – promoting equity, work-life balance, and aligning corporate interests with social impact.  

What next-level leadership trends are emerging across organizations today? How do next-generation leaders measure success? Do experts agree? And what challenges are they encountering on the road towards transformation  and how are they solving them? 

This session explores the large-scale changes that are shifting organizational structures and inspiring impact-driven leaders towards ambitious goals.


Joseph S. Deitch, Founder, The Elevate Prize Foundation

Carolina Garcia Jayaram, Founding CEO, The Elevate Prize Foundation

Afdhel Aziz Co-Founder, Author, Conspiracy of Love & Good is the New Cool

Melina Cordero, President, Melina Cordero Consulting

Nancy A. Parker, Managing Attorney, Detroit Justice Center