10:20AM – 11:00AM

Harnessing Visual Storytelling: How Environmentalists are Igniting Action


Movements to rescue the planet from climate change are existential and confront the most vital issue of our time: how to protect the shared and equitable future of humanity. For decades, environmental storytellers-photographers, artists, etc. who have connected society to the realities of climate change by visualizing and showing — have played a vital role in educating all of us on how to take action, while also encouraging business and government to take more responsibility. 

What lessons can we learn from creatives about visualizing a problem as a call to action? What are the most effective narrative devices for promoting the arts, education, cultural shifts, and changes to policy? 

This session will explore the intersections of the showcasing of ideas and environmental concerns to uncover new ideas and inspire action through content and storytelling.


Dr. Ian Miller, Chief Science & Innovation Officer, National Geographic Society

Anastasia Samoylova, Artist

Max Moinian, Founder, Future Earth

Dr. Rachel Silverstein, Executive Director, Miami Waterkeeper