11:50AM – 12:30PM

Generation Activist:
How We Can Learn from Gen Z


Gen Z navigates the digital world with the unbridled confidence of digital natives and their ability to influence isn’t limited to clothing trends or viral dance moves. Through content creation, this generation has also become a digital activist generation – leveraging their platforms to advocate for social, economic and climate justice.
What tactics and strategies can GenZ teach the world about how to drive social impact through digital content? How can these best practices be leveraged to communicate more effectively and authentically? What resources are necessary to mobilize those on the front lines of activism to translate social posts into tangible outcomes?
This discussion will examine how we can embolden and partner with GenZ activists to amplify collective action towards an equitable future.


Tiana Day, Founder, Youth Advocates For Change

Aidan Kohn- Murphy, Founder & Senior Advisor, Gen-Z for Change

Lina Renzina, Media Partnerships Lead, TikTok

Tony Weaver, Jr., Founder, Weird Enough Productions