Meet the top 6% of The Elevate Prize 2020. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, these applicants are working on the world’s toughest issues: poverty, hunger, health, education, equality, clean water, justice, peace, sustainability, and climate action.

See who they are, and give them some shine.







First Name Last Name Project
Abhilasha Purwar Blue Sky Analytics
Alexander McLean Justice Defenders
Amanda Nguyen Rise Justice Labs (RJL)
Amelia Telford Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
Amy Waterman The Living Kidney Donation Project
Amy Wright Bitty & Beau's Coffee
Andrea Buenaventura Borrero Delirio - “A Stage of Opportunity”
Annie Griffiths Ripple Effect Images
Asher Hasan Rise Above
Azza Kamel Alwan wa Awtar (Colors & Strings)
Baiqu Gonkar Art Represent
Blair Glencorse Integrity Icon
Brian Wallach I AM ALS
Brisa De Angulo & Parker Palmer A Breeze of Hope
Carlos Zegarra Sachamama
Caroline Thomas Adyan Foundation
Chad Bernstein Guitars Over Guns
Christopher Turillo Equal career opportunities for youth
Curt Bowen Ending Malnutrition with Better Corn
Dixon Chibanda Friendship Bench Global
Erica Ford LIFE Camp
Erika Andiola RAICES Advocacy
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar Ideas Beyond Borders
Felix Brooks-church Equipping Millers to End Malnutrition
Francesca Bonfanti WildLeaks
Frank Beadle de Palomo Amplifying the Right to Healthcare
Gayatri Datar EarthEnable Inc.
Gregg Treinish Adventure Scientists
Gregory Adam Haile Broward UP
Iffat Zafar Sehat Kahani- Health for all
Illac Diaz Liter of Light
Ira Helfand Back from the Brink
Jane M Saks Project& : PAN
Jessica Butler Sweet Beginnings
Jessica Hubley AnnieCannons, Inc.
Johnmary Kavuma Upcycle Africa
Jonah Bokaer MEDIUM
Joseph Kunkel Sustainable Native Communities DesignLab
José Manuel Moller Dominguez Algramo-Catalyzing Reusable Packaging
Karl Muth The Terry Project
Kathryn Hanson Catalyzing Change for Afghan Girls/Women
Kendis Paris Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)
Kennedy Odede Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)
Kevin Chinoy The Gather Project
Koketso Moeti amandla.mobi
Komal Ahmad Solving the Worlds Dumbest Problem
Laura Yawanawa Yawanawa Life Plan
Luz Adriana Cómbita Moreno Internal Action Foundation (IAF)
Michael Capponi Global Empowerment Mission (GEM)
Meg Daly Tech (Em)Powered Park
Micah Mortali Mindful Nature Connection
Michelle Mendez Defending Vulnerable Populations Program
Nandini Azad Elevating unorganized womenworkers lives
Noëlla Coursaris Musunka The Malaika Model
Phillip Goff The Center for Policing Equity
Phyu Hninn Nyein Redesigning the Future of Farming
Pierre Thiam Yolélé
Prabhat Sinha Mann Deshi Foundation
Rachel Chanoff Artists At Work (AAW)
Rochelle Keyhan Collective Liberty
Rodrigo Baggio RECODE: Empowering through technology
Ron Hoffman The Compassionate Care Project (CCP)
Salva Dut Water for South Sudan
Sigal Yehuda‏ Close-Up - Cultural Exchange Program
Stephanie Benedetto Queen of Raw: Turn Pollution Into Profit
suzan murray Preventing Pandemics
Sydelle Willow Smith Sunshine Cinema
Tamar Kaprelian Nvak Collective
Tarek Zeidan Out.Smart
Thao Vu Khào A by Kilomet109
timothy searchinger Produce, Protect, Reduce & Innovate
Trésor Nzengu Mpauni Tumaini Letu
Trisha Prabhu ReThink: Conquering Cyberbullying
Tumi Frazier Women Entrepreneurship Program
Uzoma Orchingwa Ameelio: Free Prison Communications
Valencia Gunder Community Emergency Operations Project
Victor Ochen Rural Urban Mutual Investment for Youth
Ximena Caminos HoneyLab Creative | The ReefLine
Yolanda Wisher School of Guerrilla Poetics
Yuriko Oda WheeLog!
Zeenith Ebrahim Jamii Life