More than a shelter, a home for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. 

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Though hard-won strides have been made for equality over the last decades, LGBTQ youth are still – and increasingly – under attack. Not only from homophobic and transphobic legislation that’s making it’s way into law in Florida, Georgia and 33 other states, but in their homes, from the people who are supposed to love and support them the most – their families.

“On day two of the lockdown when we were all called to stay home, indoors, to be with our loved ones, to be safe, our kids were denied that,” says Alex Roque, President and Executive Director of The Ali Forney Center. One former resident of the Center was sent home from college and tried to move back in with her family, only to have the door closed in her face. “How deep-rooted is this hatred for our community, that during one of the darkest and most uncertain times in our lives, her parents wouldn’t open the door to let their child in, to be safe, to be loved?”

LGBTQ+ young people are 120% more likely to experience homelessness. And that’s where The Ali Forney Center steps in to offer vital help. 

The center started with 6 cots in a basement in NYC, where 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ+. Now, 20 years later, Ali Forney is the nation’s largest non-profit for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness. Its mission? Not only to provide shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, but to protect, educate, mentor, and create real, love-filled homes for them too. This comprehensive, caring support can make a huge difference in preparing young people to lead independent lives. 77% of Ali Forney’s residents in transitional housing are in school, and 99% are employed. 

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