It’s Earth Month! Join the conversation!

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There are lots of ways to participate in Earth Month, from getting involved with the Great Global Clean Up, to supporting the  Canopy Project. It’s a great opportunity to take personal steps towards living more mindfully, and engaging in conversations with others as to how we can reduce our impact on the world.

Over on Instagram, we’ll be discussing both ends of the spectrum – how we act on an individual and on a societal level to protect our planet – and our future. We hope you’ll join us!

First up on Tuesday 4/19, a conversation between two Miami superstars, Rachel Silverstein, Ph.D., Executive Director of Waterkeeper, and Carolina Jayaram, our very own CEO. We’re excited to learn more about how we can help keep our water safe for swimming, fishing and drinking – and how the organization’s 1000 eyes on the water program is helping to do just that. Plus, tips on local beaches? (please!)

Then, on Thursday 4/21, hear from Elevate Prize Winner Kaushik Kappagantulu about how his organization Kheyti is helping farmers in India adapt to climate change and earn reliable, climate-resilient incomes – something that could have a huge global impact.

Whatever you’re doing this Earth Month, we hope that you find time to reflect on our impact on the planet – and what we can do to change the trajectory of climate change. Be part of the conversation – and be part of the action.

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Or, if you’re still looking for some ways to get involved, here are some ideas: