Elevate Giving: Powering the Change

Carolina Garcia Jayaram, Founding Executive Director Matthew Minor, Senior Programs Director

Aug 24, 2021

Elevate Giving launched this summer with a focus on education in honor of our inaugural Catalyst Award winner Trevor Noah, and The Trevor Noah Foundation — and made a big impact.

We were excited to see people from around the world joining together in a series of 90-minute interactive pop-up giving circles, diving into topics ranging from STEM learning to educational equality. Together, almost $80,000 was raised and given to 15 non-profit organizations, powering real, meaningful change.

Participants rallied to support teachers through the Black Teacher Collaborative and the Practical Education Network. They gave the vote for STEM and STEAM education to the WAAW Foundation. They threw their weight behind girls’ education through MAIA Impact and they said yes to Kidogo’s mission to create better, more affordable childcare in low- income communities. Though these organizations came out on top, every organization participating in Elevate Giving received funding.

We started Elevate Giving to help democratize philanthropy. Our goal? To enable any thoughtful and committed person to get involved with significant funding decisions that were previously the realm of foundations alone. So it was great to experience the impact that a group of dedicated, like-minded individuals can make — and inspiring to meet so many activists and change-makers ready to roll up their sleeves and make change happen.

People joined our groups from the Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Uganda, and the United States, creating a truly global experience that led to meaningful discussion and new connections.

Elevate Giving #1 is over, but this is only the beginning! Get involved with our next round of giving circles. Find your community and together, amplify your impact.

How it works:

Watch this video to learn more about Elevate Giving.


Learn more about Giving Circles and our partner, Philanthropy Together, an organization dedicated to championing people-powered philanthropy — and accelerate progress together.


Learn more about the organizations that participated in our first round of Elevate Giving and the powerful work they are doing around the world:


Black Teacher Collaborative (US)

GENup (US), Karam Foundation (US and Turkey)

TalkingPoints (US), Practical Education Network (West Africa)

Grandmother Project (Senegal)

WAAW (Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women) Foundation (Africa)

Code Nation (US)

Geek Girls LatAm (Latin America)

Latinas On the Verge of Excellence (US)

MAIA Impact (Guatemala)

She’s the First (Global)

OneSky (Asia)

Generation Hope (US)

Kidogo (East Africa)


The unity of coming together made it a beautiful experience for me.

Elevate Giving is a great balance of participating, discussing, listening, and taking action.