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Join a group and meet people like you, pool your money and together, decide where it should go. In just 90 minutes, you can make a huge impact. No amount of money is too small to make a difference — PLUS we match whatever you contribute, up to $75k!
The result? Targeted, thoughtful giving that drives real, meaningful change.




Join forces with a group of like-minded people who meet for 90 minutes at a time to openly discuss a cause you care about.



Learn from leaders whose organizations are at the frontier of driving social change.



Give together, choosing where your money should go to make the most impact as a group.

Here’s what Trevor has to say.


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MAKING WAVES IN EDUCATION: The Trevor Noah Foundation

As the inaugural winner of The Elevate Catalyst Award, The Trevor Noah Foundation will receive $250,000 to help advance its work in education, fostering enabled learning and teaching environments in South African schools while empowering teachers to be innovative leaders and problem solvers in their classrooms and communities.

The next round of Elevate Giving will be held this spring.
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Got more questions?
We’ve got more answers. FAQs

Is there a minimum personal donation? +

We ask that you donate a personally significant amount, whether that’s $5, $50, $500 or more. Whatever you donate will be matched by Elevate Giving*, so your donation will have even more impact. This is what it looks like to flip the script on philanthropy—join us!
*Elevate Giving will match up to $75,000 in total donations across all giving circles in each cycle.

How much time commitment is it? +

Each Elevate Giving circle session lasts for 90 minutes. And you’ll be invited to join a virtual event to celebrate and showcase the impact that your giving circle – and all other giving circles – make in the program.

Is being in a group a one-off, or a regular commitment? +

Each Elevate Giving experience is a stand alone event. You can join one or all five! And if you love the experience, we encourage you to start your own giving circle and make it a regular commitment. Our partners at Philanthropy Together have a program to help you get your own giving circle started.

Is it just about funding? +

No! This is a great opportunity to learn about the principles of philanthropy, connect with a like-minded community, gain a deeper understanding of organizations working for causes you believe in – and get involved in championing their work.

Can my organization get considered for funding by Elevate Giving +

Not for this round, but we’d certainly love to hear about your work! Contact us, and let us know about the work your organization is doing.

More questions? +


All around the world, Giving Circles are democratizing philanthropy, and helping people amplify their impact. Giving Circles are about change, not charity. They come in all shapes and sizes. They’re accessible to everyone. They blur the lines between who gives and who receives – and their impact goes far beyond money: working together, peoples’ time, discussion, and a collective gift transforms into community power, proactive change, and civic action.

We’re working with Philanthropy Together, a global organization working to help giving circles start and thrive, to champion even more people powered philanthropy – and accelerate progress together.

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