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Don’t just make a donation. Fund change you believe in.

Elevate Giving is a personal way to engage with philanthropy, meet others who are passionate about progress, and directly fund grassroots organizations that make a real difference.

Join a giving circle and learn about grassroots organizations driving change. Pool your funds — no amount is too little, and truly, every little bit helps. The Elevate Prize Foundation matches those funds up to $75,000, and together with your group, decide how to allocate your money, to make the most impact.

Our first round of giving circles, focusing on education, helped raise over $80,000, which has been used to support STEM and STEAM learning, empower girls’ education, and equip teachers with important skills.

This time, we’re focusing on human rights and justice, and celebrating the work of our Catalyst Award recipients Amal and George Clooney.

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Empowering Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum-Seekers

All people deserve the right to live in safety.

Saturday, March 26
at 12 p.m. EST


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Fighting for the Rights of LGBTQ+ People

Equality, justice, and dignity for all — not just for some.

Wednesday, March 30
at 8 p.m. EST



Protecting Independent Journalists

The truth must not be silenced.

Friday, April 1
at 2 p.m. EST


Making an impact. Together.

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What makes Elevate Giving different?

Unlike simply making a donation, Elevate Giving circles offer an active — and personally meaningful — way to engage with philanthropy.

  • Designed in partnership with Philanthropy Together, Elevate Giving makes philanthropy more accessible, inclusive, active, and engaging.
  • Elevate Giving incorporates principles of participatory grantmaking — we provide seed funding for each giving circle, and ask participants to help decide where the funding goes.
  • Personal donations from participants are matched up to $75,000.
  • We carefully curate and vet all organizations, so participants can give with confidence.

Organizations we’ve supported through Elevate Giving include


Partner with us to host Elevate Giving

Whether you are looking for an impactful employee engagement program or an experience to activate a purpose-driven network, Elevate Giving enables groups of people to have an outsized philanthropic impact.

Elevate Giving can be customized to help you achieve your impact, employee engagement, and community-building goals — both in-person or on Zoom.

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All people deserve the right to live in safety.

Empowering Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum-Seekers

Last year, over 82.4 million people were forced to leave their homes in the face of violence, persecution, and catastrophe. An unwelcoming world of legal, economic, and cultural barriers face these migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers as they attempt to rebuild their lives in safety. Join this Giving experience to learn about organizations advocating for their rights — and making a very real impact.

Equality, justice, and dignity for all — not just for some.

Fighting for the Rights of LGBTQ+ People

The fight for LGBTQ+ rights continues. Same-sex relationships are criminalized in more than 68 countries, and at least nine countries criminalize the gender expression of transgender and gender nonconforming people. Learn about organizations fighting to secure the rights, health, and security of LGBTQ+ people — and power their progress.

The truth must not be silenced.

Protecting Independent Journalists

In our age of misinformation, rigorous, honest journalism has never been more important. Yet though the UN has declared freedom of speech a universal human right, it is constantly under attack from governments, the powerful, and the corrupt. Journalists risk intimidation, detention, and even their lives to uncover and share truths. Find out about the work of organizations dedicated to protecting journalists — and help champion free speech.