Alexandra Grigori

Biometrics for Vaccine Delivery

Using contactless biometrics for verified delivery of vaccines. Increasing access to better healthcare in the developing world.



Alexandra Grigore, Simprints, a UK-based nonprofit implementing biometric solutions to give people in the developing world hope and access to a better healthcare system. Simprints is also the winner of the MIT Solve Health Security & Pandemics Challenge.

She and her team at Simprints have risen to the challenge of vaccine access. They’ve developed a contactless biometric solution that will allow the world’s most vulnerable populations – those without government-issued ID – to receive a vaccine.

1.1 billion people around the world do not have official identification documents. That makes it hard for them to access medical care – like life-saving vaccines and other vital services. Simprints is determined that no one should slip through the cracks – and their biometrics system, which can ensure verified vaccine delivery, was created to make sure no one does. In the current health climate, their mission is critically relevant, which is why Alexandra and her team are the winners of the MIT Solve Health Security & Pandemics Challenge.

Find out more about Simprint’s life-saving work and powerful partnerships at https://www.simprints.com/.

“I’m a scientist, a researcher, but above all, a builder. I want to build technology that works for the poor, not in 20 to 30 years, but right now.”
– Alexandra Grigore