Meet the Elevate Prize Finalists 2020

Amanda Nguyen
Rise Justice Labs (RJL)
Rise Justice Labs’ mission is to help everyday people pass their first law.
Brenda Palms Barber
Sweet Beginnings
Restoring self-worth and dignity, one job, one pot of honey, at a time.
Brisa De Angulo & Parker Palmer
A Breeze of Hope
Breaking the cycle of child sexual violence and supporting survivors to rebuild and heal.
Chad Bernstein
Guitars Over Guns
Music as the path to empowerment for youth in our most vulnerable communities.
Chetna Gala Sinha
Mann Deshi Foundation
Mann Deshi’s mission is to empower rural women in India with the knowledge, skills, access and capital to become successful entreprenuers
Christopher Turillo
Equal career opportunities for youth
Medha helps young people start careers they enjoy
Dixon Chibanda
Friendship Bench Global
Providing evidence-based psychological therapy to communities… delivered by professionally trained grandmas.
Erica Ford
LIFE Camp seeks to create a peaceful, healthy, vibrant community where Black and Brown people can live and thrive.
Fadi Daou
Adyan Foundation
Tackling extremism and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, with interfaith literacy and religious inclusion.
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar
Ideas Beyond Borders
Ideas Beyond Borders champions positive, empowering ideas for Arab youth so they can elevate and transform the Middle East.
Frank Beadle de Palomo
Amplifying the Right to Healthcare
A business model evolution in which scalable technology transforms the dream of accessible community-based healthcare into reality
Iffat Zafar
Sehat Kahani – Health for all
Empowering women and expanding healthcare access through telemedicine.
Koketso Moeti
amandla.mobi amplifies the voices and collective actions of those most impacted by poverty, violence and corruption: low-income black women.
Michelle Mendez
Defending Vulnerable Populations Program
DVP leverages social media to help immigrants navigate the system and creates remote models to prevent or respond to immigration enforcement
Salva Dut
Water for South Sudan
Water for South Sudan provides access to clean, safe water and improves hygiene & sanitation practices for vulnerable people in South Sudan.
Stephanie Benedetto
Queen of Raw: Turn Pollution Into Profit
Marketplace to buy and sell unused textiles, keeping them out of landfills and turning pollution into profit
Tashka Yawanawá
Yawanawa Life Plan
The Life Plan is a road map for achieving well-being through strengthening health, education, economy, culture and territorial management.
Trésor Nzengu Mpauni
Tumaini Letu
Cultural exchange, advocacy, and economic empowerment for refugees through the world’s first international festival held in a refugee camp.
Trisha Prabhu
ReThink: Conquering Cyberbullying
ReThink’s patented technology detects and stops online hate before it takes hold.